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We help define where your business is today, and where it will be in the future.

Then we get there - together.

With an ambition to innovate an industry that was standing still. This is where our story begins.

The realization of this ambition has made us one of the fastest growing consulting companies in the Nordics, and a strategic partner to our customers.

When The Assessment Company was established, our question was: Why do all companies recruit in the same way, despite the fact that the accuracy of traditional methods is too low?

The solution was PEOPLE LAB. ™, one of our most important tools across our services. A training arena for the business community, with realistic case and filming as a starting point. Self-awareness is often the start of behavioral change, which allows us to create other and better results.

In PEOPLE LAB people are placed at the center. As an employee in a training process or an applicant in a recruitment process, you will get the opportunity to show your abilities, strengths as well as where you can improve.

As an employee in a strategy or change process, you gain insight into what your organization will need in the future, what creates customer value, and how you and your colleagues can contribute to driving the organization forward.

With thorough insight and research, we help identifying the needs of your business for the future. Using a unique combination of services, we follow the organization throughout the process of meeting these needs.

This is how we facilitate so that people, in collaboration with the organisation, can access the future.

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Our consultants collaborate across offices and borders. You can get in touch with us, either by contacting one of our consultants, or by contacting one of our business areas.

Customer Oriented
Business Development

Knut Are Nordheim +47 950 39 444

Training and

Bjørn Haraldseth +47 905 62 920

Recruitment and

Kjell Strøm +47 951 98 710

Våre ansatte

Steffen Dyre Hansen

CEO, Partner and co-founder +47 474 89 666

Steffen Dyre Hansen (født 1973) er partner og grunnlegger av The Assessment Company AS. Steffen leder selskapets operasjoner og kan med sin omfattende konsulenterfaring vise til en bred kompetanse og forståelse innen fagområdene forretningsstrategi og forretningsutvikling.

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Ulf Pettersson

Country Manager Sweden +46 0708 337210

Ulf Pettersson (born 1965) is a partner and VD of The Assessment Company AB. Ulf will now start operations on 1 November 2017 on the Swedish market. He has extensive experience as a leader and consultant in the IT industry. Ulf has founded and worked with both product and service companies in Sweden but also

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Ida Beinnes Hoff

Partner +47 489 59 465

Throughout her career, Ida Beinnes Hoff (born 1981) has gained a good understanding of competence mapping, selection, and organizational development. As a consultant, Ida is enterprising, interested, and skilled in leading and running processes from A to Z. Ida has a Bachelor’s degree in logistics from Høyskolen I Molde, as well as a Master of

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Stian Dyre Hansen

Partner and co-founder +47 916 96 661

Stian Dyre Hansen (born 1976) is a partner and founder of The Assessment Company AS. Stian has broad expertise in retail and management, his operational experience in product management, product development, management, strategic and operational purchasing, logistics, category development, and finance contributes to promoting The Assessment Company’s vision as follows; “Connecting People to the Future”.

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Knut Are Nordheim

Head of Customer-oriented organizational development +47 950 39 444

Knut Are Nordheim (born 1978) graduated from BI Norwegian Business School and has a master’s degree in marketing and organizational psychology. Knut Are is head of Assessment Company’s business area Insight & Business Design. He came from the position as head of analysis at Norsk Tipping, where he has also worked for several years with

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Hege Langfeldt

Partner / Subject leader competence development +47 959 31 434

Hege Langfelt (born 1972) has for the past 10 years working as a management consultant and consultant with organizational development as a field of work. She has worked extensively with both planning, facilitation, and implementation of various strategic cultural and development measures for managers, management teams, talents, teams, and employees. Hege has also worked with

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Amund Kristiansen

Partner / Head of People & Performance +47 917 18 762

Amund Kristiansen (born 1974) is a partner and has been in The Assessment Company AS since 2016. Amund works in the company’s entire delivery field. With a background as HR manager in companies such as HP Norway, SAP Norway, and Denmark as well as head of People & Safety in Infratek, Amund has extensive experience

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Bjørn Haraldseth

Leader Training and Competence Development +47 905 62 920

Bjørn Haraldseth (born 1965) leads the service area Training and competence development. Bjørn has a degree in economics and management and has held a wide range of commercially oriented positions, including roles as sales director, product director, and marketing director. Companies such as Kodak, Motorola, Telenor and Storebrand, Atea, and Visolit are on his CV.

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Ida Søby

Partner +47 977 32 958

Ida Søby (born 1989) is a technically skilled consultant who has her main focus on recruitment and selection, test and profile tools, and organizational analysis. By using The Assessment Company’s unique and innovative solutions, Ida handles situations and subject areas in a professional manner with a focus on customer satisfaction and quality in deliveries. Ida

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Veronica N. Larsen

Partner +47 489 59 497

Throughout her career, Veronica N. Larsen (born 1982) has gained a good understanding of competency mapping and organizational development in various industries. She has experience in leading and implementing processes within e.g. organizational analysis, leadership group development, and sales training, as well as recruitment and selection for leader and key roles. Veronica has previously worked

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Fredrika Bengtsson

Business Consultant +46 76 238 8024

Fredrika Bengtsson is a Business Consultant at The Assessment Company AB since 2018. With great dedication she supports clients within change management and the development of teams and individuals.Fredrika holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics at Lund University and a Master’s degree in Global Management from Antwerp Management School in Belgium.She has led

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Ståle Bråtebekken

Leader Strategy & Change +47 41 51 81 50

Ståle Rønningen Bråtebekken (born 1985) leads the Strategy & Change service area in The Assessment Company AS. Ståle has experience as a manager, project manager, and business developer from various companies nationally and internationally. He joined The Assessment Company from his position as head of business development at Norsk Tipping. In parallel, he was acting

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Jan Magnus Andersen

Head of Economy & Administration +47 952 60 881

Jan Magnus Andersen (born 1979) has a master’s degree in economics from Trondheim University College of Economics and a master’s degree in accounting and auditing from Norges Handelshøyskole. He is a certified public accountant. He has worked as a business controller in Norsk Tipping, and previously has 10 years of experience from PwC as an

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Per Andersson

Head of People Lab +46 72 176 9345

Per is a creative content creator with a strategic mindset and substantial experience in all types of film production. Nominated in filmmaking in both Sweden and internationally. Immediately after Umeå University, Per has worked full time to convey customers’ messages through film. Per has experience and certificates for Google / Social media analytics, which means

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Ingvild Bergersen

Strategic Advisor / Head of Communication & PEOPLE LAB +47 928 95 757

Ingvild Bergersen is a Management Consultant, and head of communications and PEOPLE LAB. Ingvild has previous experience from TOPRO Industri, SINTEF Manufacturing, and NHO, where she has gained good expertise in customer orientation, business development, and communication. Ingvild has several LEAN certifications and is also certified in Master’s recruitment tools (OPTO and ACE) and JTI.

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Johan Kjessler

Management Consultant +46 70 853 3232

Johan is a Management Consultant at The Assessment Company AB. He has extensive experience in supplying skills at the strategic management level to Swedish and international companies and organizations. He has broad knowledge and experience in recruiting managers and specialists through headhunting and search from A-Search, Human Search, AIMS International, and Headlight International. He also

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Kjell Strøm

Head of Recruitment +47 951 98 710

Kjell Strøm (born 1969) leads the business area recruitment (Invite) in The Assessment Company. Kjell started in the company on 1 January 2021 and has 14 years of experience in the recruitment industry. Kjell comes from the role of Director of Recruitment in Experis Norway (part of ManpowerGroup) and has significant experience as a consultant

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Helene Lundgaard

Business Consultant +47 902 16 667

Helene Lundgaard (1993) has previous experience from Capus AS, where she has gained competence in recruitment and search for the private and public sectors. Helene has previously worked in banking and finance alongside her studies. This has given her a good insight into several of the areas of competence she recruits for. Helene has a

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Kamilla Larsen

Business Consultant +47 452 25 730

Kamilla Larsen (1995) has previous experience from Search House where she has gained competence in Executive Search and dialogue with candidates in recruitment processes. She has also worked as a store salesman for Reimers and has extensive experience with customers and sales. Kamilla is driven by using her psychology background to understand how people function

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Ole Christian Østrem

Business Designer +47 975 15 562

Ole Christian Østrem (born 1979) has a master’s degree in marketing and management from BI Norwegian Business School. In addition, he has a bachelor’s degree in tourism from Lillehammer University College. Ole Christian works with analysis projects and design of solutions with the goal of creating customer and business value. He has 10 years of

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Terje Bølstad

Client Partner +47 95 24 24 23

Terje Bølstad (b. 1972) has since 2007 worked in consulting with both sales and management in IT. His most recent experience is from the software company Scout Gaming Group, where he has had the role of operational manager with the main responsibility for delivering results via building strong teams, communication and processes across national borders.

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Anstein Krekke

Strategic advisor +47 419 15 748

Anstein Krekke (born 1970) is a Client Partner in The Assessment Company. He has broad competence in manager and specialist recruiting for retail, tourism, and sports. His broad experience as a manager and experience in sales and service-related professions make him suitable and up-to-date on processes in relevant industries. Anstein has previously worked for Choice

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Bård Nordby

Management Consultant

Bård Nordby (født 1972) er utdannet Cand Paed fra UiO og Bedriftsøkonom fra BI. Han har erfaring fra både privat og offentlig sektor og har de siste 10 år jobbet som konsulent internt og eksternt i virksomheter innenfor HR/organisasjonsutvikling. Han har utstrakt erfaring i å kartlegge og operasjonalisere adferdskompetanser og bruk av arbeidslivstester i organisasjonsrelevante

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Randi Ditlev-Simonsen

Client Partner +47 952 229 07

Randi (born 1976) has 17 years of operational experience in marketing, category development, purchasing, sales management, and chain development. She has had both personnel and strategic responsibilities, board reporting, and management team responsibilities, and has throughout her career gained a very good business understanding. She has a Bachelor in International Relations and Economics from Boston

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Marianne Hagen

Director & Architect Strategic Accounts +47 453 91 933

Marianne Hagen (born 1972) has extensive consulting experience with 22 years of experience in management consulting, consulting, and business development and has gained a wide range of expertise. Marianne has been CEO of Right Management in the Nordic region for several years, as well as consulting manager, support director, and sales manager in Right Management

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Marius Kjerneth

Strategic advisor +4795045635

Marius Kjerneth (born 1989) is a Management Consultant in The Assessment Company.

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Vidar Undebakke

Management Consultant +47 478 19 671

Vidar Undebakke (born 1990) is a Management Consultant in The Assessment Company. He is a former top athlete and has both national and international experience as a coach at the elite level in cross-country skiing. With his background from sports, Vidar always focuses on development and the pursuit of good performance. Vidar has a master’s

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Tina Jørgensen

Management Consultant +47 959 76 072

Tina Jørgensen (born 1986) is a Management Consultant in The Assessment Company. She has broad competence in recruiting and selecting communicative and digital leaders and specialists. She also has experience with projects in marketing as well as internal and external communication. Tina has a master’s degree in strategic communication from the University of Lund and

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Nina Eknes Ramm

Client Partner +47 402 49 091

Nina (born 1965) has over 20 years of experience in various leadership positions. She has built up broad business expertise in consulting, recruitment, sales management in particular, and leadership in general with positive earnings development. Nina focuses on understanding people in their roles and business. She assists our customers in facilitating change and development processes,

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Sissel Brodtkorb

Senior Researcher +47 41 22 09 13

Sissel Brodtkorb (født 1975) har jobbet med reasearch og rekruttering siden 2014, med stillinger på alle nivåer innen ulike bransjer som blant annet retail, energi, industri, professional services og bank/finans. Sissel er utdannet siviløkonom og har tidligere jobbet for Boyden Executive Search, SCA Hygiene Products, Wella og Kraft Foods med rekruttering, salg og marketing. Hun

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Marcus Thorin

Management Consultant +46 73 474 7860

Marcus Thorin is a Management Consultant at The Assessment Company AB. He has extensive experience in complex service sales in various industries: real estate, banking but above all in the recruitment and consulting industry with a focus on banking, finance, and insurance over the past five years. Marcus graduated from Malmö University and the School

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Stian Andrå

Management Consultant +47 991 54 810

Stian Andrå (born 1987) is a Management Consultant in The Assessment Company. He has experience from the craft industry in addition to cutting-edge expertise in both sales and groceries. He works with processes where management and personnel development, project management, motivation and culture are in focus. Stian is a trained carpenter / technical engineer from

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Helene Møller Rørvik

Management Consultant +47 415 29 191

Helene Møller Rørvik (born 1981) started in the Assessment Company on 1 February 2018, as a Management Consultant. She has 10 years of experience from recruitment and selection, with a special focus on sourcing and analysis. Helene studied for a Bachelor of Science with Honors in Australia, and began her career as a researcher in

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Lone Holm Blaasvær

Management Consultant +47 924 45 136

Lone Holm Blaasvær (born 1981), has worked with recruitment and selection in the Trøndelag business community since 2005. She has a bachelor’s degree from BI, where she studied marketing management and internationalization. She also has subjects in recruitment and performance development from Kristiania University College. Lone is certified in several personality testing tools. Lone joined

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Claus Morten Pedersen

Head of Digital Innovation / PEOPLE LAB +47 40878108

Claus Morten Pedersen (born 1974) is a trained journalist and video producer with experience from NRK, TV2, Scootr, Ferskvann, and Clutch Media. He has worked with strategic consulting, innovation processes, and media production for both national and international customers for 20 years. In addition to having won a number of commercials and television awards, he

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Trond Myhrvold

Leder for strategiske prosjekter

Trond Myhrvold (born 1962) has a Master of Science in Industrial Economics and has experience from, among others, Innovation Norway and Ernst & Young Management Consulting. For the past 11 years, Trond has worked at Assessit, of which 8 years as General Manager. Assessit provides services within recruitment and leadership development, Trond has extensive experience

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Christian Weber

Management Consultant +47 998 50 700

Christian Weber is a Management Consultant at The Assessment Company. Christian specializes in analysis, top management coaching, negotiation, and project management. He has assisted clients, primarily in the pharmaceutical, FMCG, retail and financial sectors, with industry-specific challenges and how to optimize internal business processes. Christian has also led projects for large national and multinational clients.

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Kathrine Bjerga

Head of Bergen office +47 90 19 81 67

Kathrine Bjerga has a background as Head of New Business Innovation at Tryg Forsikring, Strategic advisor in April, and Head of Business Development at Telenor. She has solid experience in developing strategies, businesses, and people. Kathrine’s expertise and experience in management, communication, strategy, and user-oriented innovation in complex companies in continuous change, has helped to

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Hilde Heines Bachmann

Management Consultant +47 408 51 957

Hilde Heines Bachmann (born 1972) is a media expert with a master’s degree in social sciences from the University of Oslo. She has through many years specialized in manager and specialist recruitment for various industries, especially in media, culture, and organizational life. Hilde also has long and broad experience as a producer and researcher in

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Rune Hummelvoll

Partner +47 450 43 935

Rune Hummelvoll (born 1974) has a master’s degree in political science from the University of Oslo with a specialization in organizational theory and change management. He has long and broad experience from working with HR and organizational development from large companies in both the public and private sectors. He has previously held various line roles

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Sigurd Beidel

Partner +47 489 99 525

Sigurd Beidel (born 1976) has extensive operational and administrative leadership experience through 15 years in the Norwegian Military. As a consultant, he has primarily worked with the recruitment and selection of managers and specialists for various industries. He has also run organizational and leadership development and assisted his clients in strategic discussions. Sigurd has his

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Marie Wingestad

Business Consultant +4793845924

Marie (born 1991) has previous experience from Telenor Group and Visma, and has throughout her career gained a good understanding of project management, change management, and Talent Management. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from NTNU and a master’s degree in Human Resource Management from Copenhagen Business School. Marie is certified in personality and

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Gro-Anett S.Haugen

Partner +47 974 08 693

Gro Anett S. Haugen (born 1973) has many years of experience in management, employee, and organizational development in both the public and private sectors. She has worked with extensive projects and processes within HR strategic topics, innovation, and business development. Throughout her career, she has gained a good knowledge of various parts of the Norwegian

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Eva Klein

Partner / Head of Trondheim office +47 416 75 900

Eva Klein (b. 1982) has the commercial responsibility for our office in Trondheim. She has worked in the business community in Trondheim for several years and has extensive experience across various industries and in various subject areas. Eva has previously run her own business and has good expertise in project sales, concept development and marketing.

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Svein Optjernsberget

Partner +47 975 07 205

Svein Optjernsberget (born 1971) is a Management Consultant in The Assessment Company. He has broad competence in marketing and brand management, insight work, and consulting and has gathered a lot of experience in utilizing insight for the development and operationalization of specific strategies, plans, and programs. Svein has a master’s degree in economics and has

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Cecilia Levander

Management Consultant +46 76 543 8919

Cecilia Levander is a Management Consultant in The Assessment Company AB. Cecilia has 30 years of experience in leadership and change management as a manager and consultant. Cecilia has many years of experience in designing and leading various forms of development initiatives and training programs at both strategic and operational levels, as well as continuously

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Johanne Spjut

Management Consultant + 46 73 474 7785

For over 20+ years, Johanne has supported global companies in many different industries to manage, develop and grow their talent base. Her work focuses on raising leadership effectiveness and on developing emotional and intercultural competence to lead change and transition with excellence. She has designed and delivered high-impact leadership solutions across all organizational and cultural

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Christopher Fehrlund

Business Consultant +46 73 474 7786

Christopher Fehrlund is a Business Consultant at The Assessment Company AB. He has extensive experience in sales and customer service from various industries. Most recently, coming from the finance and banking sector as an advisor for private and corporate customers. Christopher holds a YH degree specializing in international sales B2B from IHM Business School.

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Steffen Dyre Hansen


Steffen Dyre Hansen (født 1973) er partner og grunnlegger av The Assessment Company AS. Steffen leder selskapets operasjoner og kan med sin omfattende konsulenterfaring vise til en bred kompetanse og forståelse innen fagområdene forretningsstrategi og forretningsutvikling.

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Petra Thilers is a Management Consultant and Partner at The Assessment Company AB. Today, Petra works primarily with developing leaders, teams, and individuals in both large and small companies. She has extensive experience in leadership, competence mapping, executive coaching, recruitment, and assessments of various kinds. With a focus on research-based methods and the desire to

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Erik works with small firms as well as some of Sweden’s largest corporate groups with change management, team development and cultural transformation. Clients are mainly CEO: s and members of executive management teams.  With passion, energy and pedagogy, Erik creates an environment for mutual understanding, participation and commitment in both management teams and in larger

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