Recruitment and Selection

It's all about aptitude

Recruitment is among the most strategic things a manager does. Competition for talent is often considerable, and it is crucial to select the best people. “Aptitude” is about identifying a natural potential. Only by seeing people in an actual situation can you find the actual potential. Sometimes the actual potential is found where you least expect it.

With PEOPLE LAB.™, we have developed a method that provides greater accuracy and greater value. In order for the candidate to be able to show their potential and ability to fill the new role, we use good questioning techniques, tests and cases related to practice. At PEOPLE LAB.™, the candidate is assessed based on their abilities for cooperation and interaction, as well as professional competence and reasoning skills.

In recruitment processes, a high level of competence is often required at the management and specialist level. You need someone with experience and business understanding who is able to view the recruitment from a strategic perspective. We always begin the assignment by understanding the strategic opportunities and challenges you, as customer, are facing. With active searches and some of the industry’s most innovative advertising solutions, we go to great lengths to find the right candidates. Through an enquiring, equal and honest approach, we create candidate experiences out of the ordinary.

Our consultants have extensive experience, industry knowledge and candidate networks in a number of industries. We speak with key individuals in order to gain insight into where their organisation is at the moment, where you are heading in the future, and what skills a new hire should have in order to steer the organisation in the right direction. We assist with a broad range of management and specialist roles:

Management – CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, marketing director, sales manager, HR manager, innovation director, plant manager, technical manager, management roles in the public sector

Specialists – finance and accounting, actuaries, analysts, engineers, KAM, communication and marketing, HR and HSE, sustainability advisors, project managers and advisors

How can we assist?

  • advertising
  • active searches
  • screening
  • interviews
  • case and job simulations
  • final assessment
  • tests and job simulations
  • onboarding
  • outplacement/readjustment