Training and development

Room for improvement

When changes are to occur quickly, it is important that the organisation’s employees have the skills required to realise the enterprise’s objectives. Therefore, it is necessary to succeed in reskilling and upskilling. We use PEOPLE LAB.™ to achieve faster and more durable effects of competence development.

Several thousand people have trained in PEOPLE LAB.™ over the years and the feedback is clear: The training produces greater value and faster effects. We deliberately refer to it as “training”, because continuous development requires continuous training.

Our methodology is inspired by elite sports, where digital tools and video analysis have long been employed as part of the training work. We utilised the same methods when we developed the training arena PEOPLE LAB.™.

PEOPLE LAB.™ is crucial for the development process and is used, e.g., as a starting point for assessing and developing the employees’ behavioural patterns and skills.

Through the training, we develop self-awareness, confidence and understanding of how one can handle key situations even better. We create a safe and nurturing arena for managers, specialists, advisors and teams that have ambitions of being the best in their industry, sector or discipline.

How can we assist?

  • competence strategy
  • management development
  • management group development
  • sales training
  • training of customer service personnel
  • advisor training
  • cooperation skills
  • innovation competence
  • effective teams