Cecilia Levander


Cecilia Levander

Cecilia Levander is a Management Consultant in The Assessment Company AB. Cecilia has 30 years of experience in leadership and change management as a manager and consultant.

Cecilia has many years of experience in designing and leading various forms of development initiatives and training programs at both strategic and operational levels, as well as continuously monitoring and evaluating the actual effect of the initiatives. Cecilia is passionate about the constant development of both individuals and organizations.

With high commitment and clarity, Cecilia supports larger as well as smaller companies to develop their organization, its individuals, and culture towards actual business results and set goals through the development of management teams, leaders at all levels, and team development. The driving force is to make it happen and to make a difference.

Cecilia is certified in Kirkpatrick Partner’s model, which is a standard for measuring the results and impact of training programs, as well as the High-Performance Learning Journey (HPLJ) methodology, which is based on Professor Robert Brinkerhoff’s research on learning, sustainable behavior change and what gives results.