Lone Holm Blaasvær


Lone Holm Blaasvær

Lone Holm Blaasvær (born 1981), has worked with recruitment and selection in the Trøndelag business community since 2005. She has a bachelor’s degree from BI, where she studied marketing management and internationalization. She also has subjects in recruitment and performance development from Kristiania University College. Lone is certified in several personality testing tools.

Lone joined The Assessment Company on February 1, 2018, as a Management Consultant. Lone has worked for 12 years at Avantas with a focus on analysis, recruitment, and selection, and the last year as head of her department. Through her many years in the industry, she has gained broad competence in the field and is good at understanding systems. As a consultant, Lone has extensive experience in leading and implementing recruitment processes from A to Z. Her expertise includes psychometric testing, analysis, executive search/sourcing, media consulting / advertising, selection, management, quality assurance.