Alva Bergström

Alva is a Production Assistant at The Assessment Company AB.

Alva graduated in the spring of 2021 and has previous experience in service, which she brings to the work to create an enhanced customer experience by keeping the office in top condition. She also works with the recruitment team as a researcher.

Steffen Dyre Hansen

Steffen Dyre Hansen (født 1973) er partner og grunnlegger av The Assessment Company AS. Steffen leder selskapets operasjoner og kan med sin omfattende konsulenterfaring vise til en bred kompetanse og forståelse innen fagområdene forretningsstrategi og forretningsutvikling.

Ulf Pettersson

Ulf Pettersson (born 1965) is a partner and VD of The Assessment Company AB. Ulf will now start operations on 1 November 2017 on the Swedish market. He has extensive experience as a leader and consultant in the IT industry. Ulf has founded and worked with both product and service companies in Sweden but also

Stian Dyre Hansen

Stian Dyre Hansen (born 1976) is a partner and founder of The Assessment Company AS. Stian has broad expertise in retail and management, his operational experience in product management, product development, management, strategic and operational purchasing, logistics, category development, and finance contributes to promoting The Assessment Company’s vision as follows; “Connecting People to the Future”.

Johan Kjessler

Johan is a Management Consultant at The Assessment Company AB. He has extensive experience in supplying skills at the strategic management level to Swedish and international companies and organizations. He has broad knowledge and experience in recruiting managers and specialists through headhunting and search from A-Search, Human Search, AIMS International, and Headlight International. He also

Amund Kristiansen

Amund Kristiansen (born 1974) is a partner and has been in The Assessment Company AS since 2016. Amund works in the company’s entire delivery field. With a background as HR manager in companies such as HP Norway, SAP Norway, and Denmark as well as head of People & Safety in Infratek, Amund has extensive experience

Claus Morten Pedersen

Claus Morten Pedersen (born 1974) is a trained journalist and video producer with experience from NRK, TV2, Scootr, Ferskvann, and Clutch Media. He has worked with strategic consulting, innovation processes, and media production for both national and international customers for 20 years. In addition to having won a number of commercials and television awards, he

Marie Wingestad

Marie (born 1991) has previous experience from Telenor Group and Visma, and has throughout her career gained a good understanding of project management, change management, and Talent Management. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from NTNU and a master’s degree in Human Resource Management from Copenhagen Business School. Marie is certified in personality and

Ida Beinnes Hoff

Throughout her career, Ida Beinnes Hoff (born 1981) has gained a good understanding of competence mapping, selection, and organizational development. As a consultant, Ida is enterprising, interested, and skilled in leading and running processes from A to Z. Ida has a Bachelor’s degree in logistics from Høyskolen I Molde, as well as a Master of