Marjam Lönnqvist Fooladi

Marjam Lönnqvist Fooladi is a Management Consultant at The Assessment Company AB. She has 20 years of experience from retail around Europe with experience in sales, coaching and leadership in roles such as salesperson, manager and Head of international leadership development. Marjam has many years of international experience in working with training and development, where

Amanda Lindström

Amanda is an Office Assistant at The Assessment Company AB.  Amanda graduated in the spring of 2021 and has previous experience from service that she brings to work to create a heightened customer experience by keeping the office in top condition. She also works largely with Recruitment as a researcher.

Lovisa Rendert

Lovisa Rendert is a Business Consultant at The Assessment Company AB since 2022. Lovisa graduated The Royal Institute of Technology in 2021 with a master’s in Industrial Engineering and Management – Energy Systems and Sustainable Development. Since graduating, she has worked as an organizational development consultant, with a great passion for aligning the people within

Simon Nordlund Jensen

Simon Nordlund Jensen is a Business Consultant at The Assessment Company AB where he supports change management. Simon has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with specialization business development and management, where he has also managed practical experience through project-based studies together with companies. Simon has previous experience in leadership, coaching and sales and has

Elin Midtskogen

Elin Midtskogen is Management Consultant and Head of Recruitment & Selection at The Assessment Company in Stockholm. She has a Master of Science in Business Economics and extensive experience in recruiting leaders and specialists both internally and externally. Elin has previously been responsible for recruitment to all business areas in Accenture Norway and managed recruitment

Frida Persson

Frida Persson is a Researcher at The Assessment Company AB.  Frida has studied at Uppsala University and has a bachelor’s degree in both human resources and business and economics. She has a broad theoretical foundation and understanding of both people and companies. Frida’s previous work experience consists of both administrative work and service-oriented work, which

Richard Öhman

Richard is Account Manager International Accounts at The Assessment Company AB. He has extensive experience from consultative business development within private and public sector, in Sweden and internationally. He has a background from the engineering industry and has during the last 20 years been working with HR consulting, resourcing and competence development. Master of Science in

Anders Brandtman

Anders Brandtman works as a Management Consultant at The Assessment Company AB. Anders has more than 25 years of experiences within sales, coaching and leadership from various roles such as sales representativ, sales manager and training & development manager. Anders has several years of international experiences within training and development, where his focus foremost has

Steffen Dyre Hansen

Steffen Dyre Hansen (født 1973) er partner og grunnlegger av The Assessment Company AS. Steffen leder selskapets operasjoner og kan med sin omfattende konsulenterfaring vise til en bred kompetanse og forståelse innen fagområdene forretningsstrategi og forretningsutvikling.

Ulf Pettersson

Ulf Pettersson (born 1965) is a partner and VD of The Assessment Company AB. Ulf will now start operations on 1 November 2017 on the Swedish market. He has extensive experience as a leader and consultant in the IT industry. Ulf has founded and worked with both product and service companies in Sweden but also